Designing Electrical Systems for Commercial Property is a delicate balance among cost effectiveness, functionality, and aesthetically pleasing results. Our experience will help to balance these aspects and make your project a success. 

We design Electrical Systems for Auto Dealerships, Banks, Churches, Healthcare Facilities, Multi-Family Housing Units, Restaurants, University Buildings, Dormitories, Strip Malls, Hotels/Motels, Fire Stations, Daycares, Funeral Homes, Office Buildings, Visitor Centers, Retail Stores, Long-term Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Schools, and other types of Commercial Facilities. 

Electrical Systems that we design include: Electric Service, Facility Electrical Distribution, Standby Emergency Generators, Interior/Exterior Lighting, Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, Paging, Television Cabling, and Voice/Data Cabling.

There are many advantages to having a fully designed Electrical System prepared by a licensed Electrical Engineer. Most important for you, a fully designed system allows you to solicit bids from multiple contractors to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. Our experienced team will design a system that is National Electric Code compliant and we will periodically review contractor's work to ensure there is compliance with project plans and specifications. A well designed plan can help decrease the chances of unexpected change orders, which can become costly and dig in to your bottom line. With a fully designed system, you get independent, unbiased opinions and consulting which help to minimize gray areas that can arise with other project approaches. We are on your team and looking out for your interests.